What past attendees have said...

At the end of each CPW we collect feedback from attendees on how the event went, what they liked and enjoyed, and what areas can be improved. This means that each and every time we put on an event, we try to learn from the past, and improve on our offering. The feedback from our members is invaluable, as it also gives us a understanding of why people attend a CPW, what they get out of it, and why they chose to come again. Here's a selection of our favourite quotes.

The weekend started with a very warm welcome – a friendly wave and a great big smile.
A week to remember with great pleasure, and a thoughtful stimulus for the next stages of our journey.
All the liturgies were inclusive and creative, sometimes moving, often fun, always drawing to prayer.
As we pulled into the car park, to be greeted with a cup of tea and so many friendly faces, I felt like I was coming home.
There was plenty of scope for discussion and challenging one’s own preconceptions.
The CPW cycling pilgrimage week was an amazing experience.
The helpers have been an absolute hit and I felt totally confident that my child was having fun in a safe and loving environment.
“What a wonderful week with fantastic planning and leadership. Definitely hope to come again.”
“It was a well-planned and executed long weekend and very much appreciated and enjoyed.”
Thank you so much for making our CPW week a success. I arrived tired and Spirituality dead. I’ve arrived home very tired but totally renewed, fed and ready to carry on with love.