A first taste of CPW

Did I know about CPW? Well yes, I suppose I did! I was vaguely aware of friends’ enjoyment of the content and experiences.

Me – go to a CPW? Never! Not my scene; too old; family grown up; definitely not into preparing Liturgy unless it has a Social Justice theme; musically handicapped; the list of reasons for non-attendance endless.

But yes! I did attend Allensford 2015; and consider I was well rewarded. By the end of the week I truly felt beloved, well-supported by some lovely liturgies and interesting processes for reflection. Who had heard of Kintsugi? No! me neither: we repaired cracked vessels with golden glue and reflected on how beautiful is our own light shining through our cracks.

Group work was followed by a lovely healing service, and a special Holy Hour added a new dimension to my practice of my faith. Our journey was at times deep and reflective but always enjoyable.

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