Why we love CPW

Mary Huckfield couldn’t imagine a year without CPW

Reason # 1: The kids love it - I can’t imagine taking them to a resort and leaving them at some holiday club but I am very happy - and so are they - to go with the Helpers and play The Chocolate Game or Captain to Bo’sun to Mate. Of course, they also do lots of serious ‘Week’ related stuff with contributions to the Masses and night prayers etc (I don’t know about you, but taking small children to Mass every week can be a little stressful - Mass at CPW is altogether more relaxed and I always come away having gained some much needed spiritual sustenance).

Reason # 2: I love it! Where else could you meet such a varied collection of people with all their differing lifestyles, and spend so much time in their company?

Reason # 3: We all love it. As a family we come away full of life, ideas, love and hope. We talk about it for days after we get back. We miss people from the week. We discuss where we will go next year and start to count down the weeks as the next holiday approaches.

Have I sold it to you yet? The fun, the sense of community, all those things that you can’t get in Ibiza and can only get at CPW - believe me - it’s worth taking a chance on.