Get Involved

We love it when people get involved in CPW. To read more about the volunteering opportunities at CPW, please see the descriptions below.


volunteer roles on a week or weekend:

Chair - The Chair of the week or weekend runs the academic programme for the week and is responsible for (among many other things) deciding on the theme, booking speakers and planning sessions. The Chair runs the adult programme and works closely with the organiser to ensure that the sessions and activities can take place safely and enjoyably at the centre. The chair also liaises with the Chief Helper on the young people’s programme.

Organiser - The Organiser runs the logistics for the week or weekend. The Organiser is often the person who takes the bookings and liaises with the centre on accommodation and meeting facilities. The Organiser is your ‘go-to’ person on the week for any questions relating to the centre, catering and facilities. The Organiser also runs the bar (with volunteer help from the guests) and helps organise the evening entertainment!

Chief Helper - The Chief Helper runs the young people’s programme and fulfils both a ‘Chair’ and ‘Organiser’ position for the young people. This is why there are often two Chief Helpers to share these responsibilities. The Chief Helper(s) plan activities for the young people ranging from discussions and games to arts and crafts, meditations, film-making, music and dancing. The Chief Helper is usually someone with a lot of helping experience at a CPW and is also responsible for recruiting a team of helpers to volunteer on the week.

Helper - Helpers are energetic, enthusiastic young people who volunteer their time to help run the young people’s programme. Helpers are all over 18 and are trained annually to take on their responsibilities. Helpers take their position of responsibility seriously and are also responsible for the safety and welfare of the young people during session time. Loving and guiding, they give all they have to make sure that the young people have the best week possible. They are also all experts at silly games and bedtime stories.

Volunteer Cook - Some weeks and weekends require a volunteer cook. This is someone who volunteers their time to organise the catering for a week (using the centre’s kitchen). The volunteer cook plans a healthy and nutritious menu for the week, on a budget and catering to any dietary requirements of the group. We try to cook healthy, sustainable food; often vegetarian and following the ‘live simply’ principles.



President – An honorary role, usually adopted by a long-serving member of CPW, who is prepared to act as an advisory 'wisdom' figure to the current Board of Trustees by drawing on their own experience of CPW, the Church and their personal faith story. The President participates in CPW events and attends the trustees meetings, where possible, thus acting as a confidential 'sounding board' for the operational trustees.  

Chair of CPW – In collaboration with the Board of Trustees, the chair coordinates the trustee's efforts to continue to deliver high quality educational, spiritual and recreational events to CPW's members in accordance with their age and/or ability. The chair maintains a strategic view of the organisation and invites the Board to consider any potential improvements which might be implemented as a result of creative thinking or members feedback. Participation of the wider membership in the delivery of events is traditionally by invitation from or volunteering to the Chair.

Deputy Chair of CPW – In addition to providing consultative support to the Chair, the deputy also provides operational support thus increasing the Board's efficacy. Although there is no automatic progression from Deputy to Chair, it is hoped that in the event of the Chair being unable to attend an event or fulfill an obligation, the deputy would step into the role temporarily.

Treasurer – As a voluntary led organisation, CPW's finances run on the members' subscriptions and the fees paid for specific events. The treasurer has the responsibility of agreeing fees for the hire of venues, setting a budget for each event and the cost of the event to members, managing the expenses and the payment of charitable donations collected during an event.

Assistant Treasurer – This role is part of the organisation's succession planning but also provides a second analytic mind which can be utilised for specific issues which occur from time to time.

Secretary – An essential figure in the communications network, the secretary collates and distributes all necessary documentation both before and after trustee meetings, sends interim communications to all members as required and channels incoming information from members to the newsletter editor.

Membership secretary – CPW are respectful of our members’ personal details and aim for GDPR compliance. As a virtual organisation we are only present when our members gather so our records are precious. The membership secretary keeps our lists up to date, sends out subscription reminders and ensures communications are efficiently directed.

Chair of 18+ committee – Feeds back to the trustees any comments or suggestions from members who attend the 18+ events especially in relation to the online evaluations.

Chair of the all-age committee - Feeds back to the trustees any comments or suggestions from members who attend the all age events especially in relation to the online evaluations. The committee's responsibilities have also included safeguarding and helper training.

Chair of communications committee (aka Newsletter and Brochure Editor) – Collates content for Spring and Autumn newsletters, and the annual events brochure. The role is a misnomer as there is no committee per se; but a close liaison with the secretary and webmaster is required.