Is there any financial help available?

There are many ways that we help those who cannot afford to attend a CPW event – from offering ‘first time’ discounts, to offering fully funded places for carers. Financial help is offered through our bursary fund. If the cost of a CPW is prohibitive, please email to speak confidentially to the CPW Treasurer who will access the bursary fund on your behalf to reduce the overall cost.

Please do not let money put you off experiencing this holiday with a difference.

Sarah Dixon
What do the children and young adults do?

The children and young adults have their own parallel programmes. Sessions are planned and run by our team of helpers, who are trained to tailor activities to the ages and gifts of the children and young people on the week. In the past, sessions have included activities such as arts and crafts, team games, music, creative projects, treasure hunts, acting and performing, writing songs and making films.

The young people are also encouraged to take part in daily Mass through music, reading or drama, as well as leading morning or evening prayer individually or part of their group. They are usually split into 3 age groups depending on the ages of those who are booked in and the Chief Helpers organise different sessions for each age group based around the theme of the week.

All the helpers, often ‘home grown’, receive annual training, hold enhanced DBS certificates, speak teenager, and are never afraid to do the funny voices during story time.

Unlike other family holidays that will charge you an extra fee for children’s activities, all onsite sessions and activities are covered by the price in the brochure.

Sarah Dixon
What about people with differing needs?

All communities are made up of people with different skills, abilities and needs. As a Christian Community we are aware of the importance to provide for those who might find it difficult to participate in the week.

On each booking form you are asked to highlight whether anyone in your group has any differing needs that the Team need to be aware of. This is followed up by a phone call to discuss ways in which we can help them enjoy the week as much as possible. This might be by giving you a ground floor room, catering to dietary needs, insisting that certain foods are not brought on to the week or ensuring that your child works with a named helper throughout the week. You know your group’s needs better than anyone and we will look to you to inform us about the best way it might be to help you.

Sarah Dixon
What if I am unable to go to a session?

One of CPW’s aims in to build community, therefore it is expected that attendees all attend every session. This also makes it easier for the Team to prepare sessions. However, we do understand that there may be different reasons why you might not be able to or chose not to attend a session. If this is the case, please discuss this with the Chair or Organiser at the week.

Sarah Dixon
My partner or a member of my group isn’t a Catholic – can they still book on?

We have quite a few members who are not practicing Catholics and some who are Christians of other denominations. We also have agnostics and humanists who attend our weeks with the Catholic friends or members of their families, and who fully participate on the week. All people are welcome to come join us on a week – there are no pre-requisites, just an acceptance and understanding that we are a faith community with Christ and the Mass at its centre.

Sarah Dixon
Can I arrive by public transport or without a car?

Most of our venues are in venues are in rural locations which are a little far from local stations. If you will be arriving at a holiday on public transport and require a lift from the station to the venue, please indicate this in the ‘any other information’ part of your booking form. You can also request a pick-up by replying to your booking confirmation email with your request.

Afternoons are left free to allow people to explore the local surroundings and sights. There will often be a rota where people with cars will offer spaces to others who want to go to the same place, so having your own transport need not be a problem.

Sarah Dixon